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The return of the Roman Empire, only this time we are here to conquer only your good times! If you like cocktails, party music, professional bartenders you need to come and visit us!

The Octopvs enjoys a wonderful themed double bar that recreates the truly hedonistic pleasures of the ancient Roman Empire.

Since 2007 we have been entertaining the Crawley crowd with themed nights, lots of drinks and laughters!
As with all Roman parties we are OPEN UNTIL LATE and it is always FREE ENTRY!
So we invite you and your friends to indulge your pleasures at the Octopvs, the Eternal Bar.


The first Taverna Octopvs was opened in Javea (Alicante) in 1985 by Helmut, a legendary 60 years old biker from Holland and his three children, also bikers.

The bar is directly on the beach of this Spanish town and from the start was a great success,
the rough edged style of the management made it appealing to all young tourists who
liked cocktails, beers and shots!

One of these tourists was an Italian bald guy named Cristian, who spent five summers of fun in that bar, where he also met his future wife, Karen.
In 1995 the couple opened the Italian branch of the Octopvs history in Milan.

The success went off the chart and the concept of the bar was slowly fine tuned to what it is today.
An Octopvs Point also opened inside one of the most famous recording studios in Italy, the Jungle Sound Station, where top singers came to rehearse their concerts from all  over the world.

It took until 2007 for the first UK Octopvs Bar to be opened in Crawley: Karen and Cristian are still steering the wheel!
The Staff are the backbone of this establishment, and to them goes the credit for the impressive success that the chain is meeting.

The Octopvs history goes on, let’s write it together!

The Octopvs history goes on, let’s write it together!

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